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Smart Vendor Portal Cloud improves the way you interact and collaborate with Vendors. This dynamic, secure solution provides superior vendor management and performance tools that significantly lower costs.


Improve Vendor Communication

Smart Vendor Portal is the next generation application for enabling smarter Vendor interactions. It is a cloud based self-service solution that brings a holistic approach to vendor management by removing communication barriers between you and your Vendors.

Vendors gain access a secure, integrated vendor work area that provides full visibility to transactions, offers closed loop collaboration, and enables electronic invoicing. The vendor work area provides a summary of activity and transactions that require attention. Vendors can access agreements, purchase orders, advance shipment notifications, invoices, and negotiations allowing Vendors to respond to your business needs.

Manage Vendor Qualifications
for Key Business Objectives

Today’s modern procurement organizations struggle with gathering and organizing Vendor information in a manner that best supports the overall business objectives. In addition to determining a Vendor’s basic capabilities to deliver goods and services, you face a growing list of often competing objectives such as evaluating financial stability and risk of supply disruptions, monitoring environmental qualifications and sustainability initiatives, and tracking various compliance and regulatory requirements.

Smart Vendor Cloud, an integral part of Titanfour Cloud solutions, provides a complete solution for managing your vendors’ qualifications and capabilities, including monitoring compliance with your business policies and storing supporting documentation.  

Key Features


Corporate Policies

Ensure vendors comply with corporate policies


Vendor Characteristics

Improve visibility to key vendor characteristics and capabilities


Reduce Risk

Reduce risk of vendor-related issues


Improve Decisions

Improve sourcing decisions by considering relevant vendor factors


Improve Communication

Improve communications with vendors



Deliver best in class vendor collaboration


Setup & Support

Easy vendor setup and support


Reduce Error

Reduce errors and inquiries



Faster issue resolution

Key Benefits

  • Web based vendor self-service

  • Vendor profile self management

  • Consolidated vendor work area

  • Vendor agreement collaboration

  • Vendor change order management

  • Electronic invoice presentment

  • Embedded learning

  • Information driven user experience

  • Manage important vendor qualification information

  • Organize vendor data into meaningful qualifications

  • Survey vendors with easy-to-use online questionnaires

  • Save questions in your library for future re-use

  • Evaluate specific qualification areas and assess vendors

  • Score vendors automatically based on predefined criteria

  • Leverage internal and external data sources

  • Use qualification data in vendor research and RFx invitation lists

  • Take actions to respond to recent activity

  • Receive alerts when relevant vendor information becomes available

  • Receive early notifications on expiring qualifications

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