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Titanfour Real Estate Foundation Management integrates all critical information to effectively manage real property investments. Whether you are an owner, a landlord, or both, this solution lets you streamline your financial and operational processes, allowing you to manage investment properties more effectively.

Real Estate Foundation Management enables you to constantly monitor the factors that affect your portfolio, from accounts payable and receivable to lease origination and occupancy patterns. Integration with our Service Billing and Accounts Receivable can help improve cash flow by reducing the time.

Any time you can increase the speed and accuracy of the bill-to-pay process, cash flow will be stimulated. By automating the complex task of calculating all components associated with expense participation and rent, comprehensive tenant statements are prepared and delivered faster with greater accuracy, resulting in improved cash flow. Real Estate Foundation Management solution has many advanced features which streamline your cash management: 

  • Execute multiple types of billings, such as manual and recurring invoices
  • Prorate any billing or calculate “catch up” billings
  • Flexible, user-defined billing methods for areas such as expense participation or common area maintenance, escalations, percentage rent, and special concessions
  • Exclude unique tenant contributions or calculate administration fees on total expenses before anchor and other exclusions
  • Automate fee calculations, security deposit processing, late fees, and interest calculations

Because this is a scalable solution, Real Estate Foundation Management can handle significant growth in portfolio size with little effect on overhead costs and resource requirements. The solution helps you incorporate growth in the number of properties, leases, and billing transactions. Whether through the acquisition of existing space or the development of new properties, Real Estate Foundation Management can handle the volume of your growing portfolio with a single database. 

Being able to determine whether you have the right space at the right time is key to increasing occupancy rates. Prospective customers who are looking for space require quick and accurate answers. Addressing your prospective customer requirements quickly and easily will help drive higher occupancy rates. Web access to space availability facilitates critical dynamic intelligence for the leasing community. Users can isolate vacancies by:  
  •   Property
  •   Date Range
  •   Square Footage

Critical expiration date alerts enable property managers to proactively promote available space to maximize occupancy rates.