Titanfour Property Foundation Management enables property developers to manage properties that they build. Because home building is not a collection of independent processes that happen in a void, the system has been designed with an emphasis on integration, flexibility, and ease of use.

In Property Foundation Management, you can establish and manage the products offered to buyers, including communities or subdivisions, phases, lots, plans, elevations, and options.

Competition for buyers is fierce. You need to be accurate and efficient at every phase of the buying process. Through integration with Titanfour Property Sales and Services, you can better manage relationships—from the prospect’s first visit to the sales office, through post-close handling of warranty issue.

Vendor selection, material prices, and subcontractor costs can vary widely with location and market conditions. Whether you employ bids, takeoffs, or a combination of both, Homebuilder Management enables you to control costs at the lot level and better manage supplier relationships.